Exposed Aggregate Driveway

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A Bel-aire Driveway

This is a quick driveway project profile. This was for a builder we work with. We also poured a new aggregate front landing, front sidewalk and steps. This project is SW Calgary, we do take on project anywhere in Calgary as well as Chestermere, Cochrane,  Okotoks, Airdrie, Bragg Creek and High River. 

Exposed Driveway preparation

Walkways Poured First

We find pouring to much at one time can lead to less quailty so we poured the frontwalk and steps first then we will pour the concrete driveway. You can see we always install a solid gravel based heavily compacted. We never use mesh, we do used 10m rebar chaired or lifted into the center of the concrete slab. 

newly Poured concrete driveway

Waiting to Expose The Aggregate

There are 2 popular ways to exposed aggregate washing and sand blasting. Our typical method is washing as we do in this example. The concrete was poured in the morning and was to be washed by supper time. We covered the concrete to keep the moisture in as the day was a bit windy and drying the surface too much can lead to a tougher wash. Sometimes we do not cover, it depends on many factors, wind, temperature and direct sun being major factors. 

The Washed Result

These photos were taken the following spring when land scaping was completed. The specks on the driveway in the photos is tree debris.

  We typically poured 20 to 30 exposed driveways a year. 

Concrete Driveway and walkway
Exposed concrete driveway and walkway

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