Broom Finish With Borders

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Removing The Driveway, walk and steps

This project involved removing an existing concrete driveway, walkway and concrete step. Then reforming and changing the shape of the 3 elements. The main body of the driveway was to remain broom finish but everything else was to be exposed aggregate. 

This project is SW Calgary, we do take on project anywhere in Calgary as well as Chestermere, Cochrane,  Okotoks, Airdrie, Bragg Creek and High River. 

Concrete Demolition

Driveway Demolition

The First Concrete Pour

Driveway Gravel and ready to pour

We decided for best results to pour this job in 3 pours. The Step and curbs were pour one. The Borders and walkway would be the second pour and the main body of the driveway , the broom finish concrete would be the final pour.  

  The believe we added 1 unit of buff per meter for color in the aggregate. 

Concrete Steps and Curb Poured

We generally like to wash exposed aggregate concrete and we washed this job. To be warned if you want exposed aggregate concrete it is a messy process to get that finish. If you want to wash you need a place to put the water. We used the driveway as it was now all gravel, but if you do not have an area to put the dirty wash water ( slurry water ) then sandblasting may be a better option. But keep your windows closed. 

The Border Pour

Our 2nd pour was colored exposed aggregate also. We were lucky and it matched the first pour color wise perfectly. But be warned that colors can vary coming from the concrete suppliers, it is out of our control. For best results, we recommend pouring all your colored concrete as close together as possible. Never a good idea to pour some concrete one year, then more the second and expect it to match. We would advise pouring everything on year 2 in the above situation.  

Nearly Finished

The end result was great and our customer loved the end result.  The curved flowed nicely, the aggregate exposed properly and there were no cracks to be seen. 

Driveway is completed

Sealed and Finished

The sealer brought out the colors in the rock and the job looked fabulous. We recommend reapplying sealer every 2 or 3 years depending on the traffic the concrete is subject too and your personal tastes. We do reseal concrete, call or email for a free quote. 

Completed Concrete Driveway with borders