Calgary Driveway Repairs

Can Driveways Be Repaired ?

Concrete Driveway Repairs is generally something we DO NOT tackle for a few reasons. Please see below.

Calgary and Surrounding Area

The Cold Winters

Most proper repairs use a bonding agent and the constant freeze thaw cycles are tough on any patches or repairs because water transmission will freeze between concrete main body and concrete repairs. This freeze thaw will systematically destroy the repairs bond to the substrate. This will most often lead to repair failure is a short period of time.  


Lets face it, repairs do not look nice and most of our customers want a nice looking driveway. The repairs purpose for a driveway is the looks of the driveway and a driveway repair is most often be below a typically customers expectations on what the repair would cure like in term of matching the existing concrete. 

Decorative Combination Concrete Driveways
Removing Existing Concrete Driveways

Driveway Replace cost

Depending on how much is to be repaired, or say if a topping is put over the entire driveway, then costs can start to become comparable to removing the driveway and pouring it over. 

Do you replace Driveway Panels ?

Sorry to sound like a broken record but no we do not replace driveway panels. You can in general but removing a panel without chipping or otherwise damaging the panel adjacent to it is near impossible with our hydraulic jack hammers . We have long ago decided its all or nothing for driveway replacement due to customers overall response when only replacing a portion.  

Our Verdict on Repairs

As you may have guessed we do not do concrete repairs on driveways.  Damage to concrete driveways is always caused by road salts and chemicals on roads. Once the spalling starts it is near impossible to stop or fix it by patches.

 A side note, In comparison, we never get calls about concrete patios spalling , walkways or steps. Its always driveways and always for the same reason. 

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways Calgary

Do We repair any concrete ?

Yes we repair steps, curbs, walls, fountains, pools and structural concrete, but not driveways.